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About Us

What is Family of Heroes really all about?

Mission Statement

Family of Heroes’ mission is to provide support and enrichment for America’s service members and families by connecting them through physical activity and donations in time of need.

Vision Statement

Bringing Healthy, Encouraging, Resilient, Outstanding, Essential and Strong families the support they deserve.

More Information

Organization Description

Family of Heroes (FoH) was created because we LOVE running and connecting with runners! Even more, we LOVE to support the men and women of the Armed Forces and their FAMILIES! It’s been said many times that a service member’s support team is the family that stays behind to keep the home front running while they’re away. Sometimes these family members left behind are alone, some are left with multiple dependents, and some even go through great loss, without the love and needed closeness of that missing military member.  As FoH was created, there was a realization that people could be encouraged to get out and get moving, and make a difference throughout the world by creating fun and unique events to raise money for various families that are impacted by the separation that is caused by many forms of military operations.  FoH is on a quest to help provide food, shoes, school supplies, water, toys and other needed things to people throughout the Armed Forces and it all is made possible when you become part of the Family of Heroes. You become a hero to families, and in turn, become part of that family by getting out there and putting one foot forward… putting one feeling forward… that feeling of belonging to the FAMILY. We love being involved in the running community and have made so many new running friends from all over the world.  Thank you so much for participating! We are making a difference … one race at a time! With each virtual race we hold we choose a family to raise funds for.

How We Support

Family of Heroes was founded off of the genuine principle that military women and men have a great support network, and that needs to be applauded. Our founder, an Airman himself, made common practice of saying, “I’ll tell my wife you said so,” when thanked for his service by a stranger. He realized that the family that stood behind him was the true backbone of our Armed Forces. Without the multitudes of families stepping up to fill the void of a military member who’s away from home, those in uniform couldn’t defend what they stand for. You are part of the family when you participate in an event. When you register for a race, lace up your shoes, and share your experience after you’ve finished, you have joined that Family … the Family of Heroes.  Please send us your story, share your experiences, and together we can help make a difference.

Registration is now open.